Selected Interviews & Press

Sunday Times: Interview, May 2019

Corriere del Mezzogiorno, Italy: Interview, 2020

La Razon, Spain: Interview, 2021

Il Mattino, Italy: Interview, 2020

The Times, 2020

El Mundo, Spain: Interview, 2021

The Chap: Interview, 2019

Corriere della Sera, Italy: Interview, 2020

The Guardian: The women writing history, 2016

Wall Street Journal picks Catullus’ Bedspread, a ‘notable book’, 2016

Kirkus Reviews, US: Interview, 2016

The Independent: Bath Literary Festival, 2016

History Today: Q&A, 2019

The Guildford Magazine: Interview, 2016

Aspects of History: Interview, 2020

Surrey Downs Magazine: Interview, 2016

The Good Web Guide: Guest Edit, 2021

School House Magazine: Interview, 2023

New York Times: Interviewed on Caligula, 2022

Isis Magazine, Oxford: Interview, 2022

The Times: TMS, 2023

The Times: TMS, 2016

The Times: TMS, 2022

The Times: TMS, 2022

The London Library’s Most Borrowed Books, 2022

Evening Standard, 2016

Evening Standard, 2022

Evening Standard, 2016