Of Gods and Men: 100 Stories from Ancient Greece & Rome

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Inspired by the richness and variety of Homeric storytelling, Daisy Dunn offers a deeply researched and eclectic anthology of 100 stories reflecting the breadth and diversity of the classical literary canon.

Of Gods and Men takes the reader on a revelatory journey through the narrative literature of Greece and Rome: from the epics of Homer to works written by early Christian writers on the cusp of a new world.

Daisy Dunn’s selection contains a beguiling blend of the familiar and the esoteric. The great names of Graeco-Roman literature and their most celebrated works are accorded due prominence: the epics of Homer and Hesiod, the dialogues of Plato, the tragedies of Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles, the histories of Herodotus, Xenophon and Livy, the biographies of Suetonius and Plutarch; but there are also more unexpected pleasures here: the historian and naturalist Pliny the Elder on the origins of lampstands; and the physician Galen on the treatment of snakebites.

In addition to the inspired catholicity of its selection, Of Gods and Men boasts a distinguished and heterogeneous roster of translators: including Queen Elizabeth I, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Walter Pater, Lawrence of Arabia, Louis MacNeice and Ted Hughes, as well as a number of accomplished renderings by Daisy herself.

Daisy was interviewed about the anthology by Paul Ross on TalkRadio (03.30-4.00am, 2 minutes in): https://talkradio.co.uk/radio/listen-again/1565568000#

And has written an essay on the ‘Violence of Myth’ for the London Magazine, September issue