Book Reviews

Sunday Times: Robin Waterfield’s history of Greece

Evening Standard: A Book of Untruths by Miranda Doyle

New Statesman: An Odyssey by Daniel Mendelsohn

Times Literary Supplement: The history & future of the written word

The Times: A Walk in the Park by Travis Elborough

New Criterion: Pax Romana by Adrian Goldsworthy

Evening Standard: Guilty Thing: A Life of Thomas De Quincey by Frances Wilson

The Times: Larchfield by Polly Clark

The Times: The Black Prince of Florence by Catherine Fletcher

Standpoint: Aeneid VI by Seamus Heaney

The Spectator: On Leonie Frieda and Elizabeth Lev

Standpoint: Augustus by Jochen Bleicken

The Spectator: Russia, a world apart by Simon Marsden

Apollo Magazine: Pliny by Sarah Blake McHam

Literary Review: The Parthenon Enigma by Joan Breton Connelly

History Today: Babylon by Michael Seymour

The Spectator: The Thread by Victoria Hislop

Evening Standard: Disraeli, a Strange Romance, by Daisy Hay

Evening Standard: Dynasty, by Tom Holland

History Today: Pergamon and its art, catalogue

Standpoint: Alexandria, the last nights of Cleopatra, by Peter Stothard

History Today: The rise and fall of Classical Greece by Josiah Ober

Standpoint: Review essay of 3 books on Classics

Standpoint: The Mighty Dead by Adam Nicolson

Daily Telegraph: Stonehenge by Mike Parker Pearson

The Spectator: Kingmaker by Toby Clements

The Spectator: Rumer Godden’s novels

History Today: 30-Second Greece/Rome

The SpectatorThe Great Sea by David Abulafia

New Criterion: The Classical World by Nigel Spivey

History Today: Delphi by Michael Scott

Literary Review: SPQR by Mary Beard

Times Literary Supplement: Tragic Modernities by Miriam Leonard

New Statesman: Dictator by Robert Harris

Standpoint: Antiquity Matters by Frederic Raphael

Literary Review: Caesar’s Footprints by Bijan Omrani

Literary Review: Aristotle’s Way by Edith Hall

New Criterion: Nemesis by David Stuttard

Sunday Times: The Map of Knowledge by Violet Moller

Literary Review: Tony Spawforth’s Story of Greece & Rome

The Sunday Times: Tragedy, the Greeks & Us

Daily Telegraph: The Way We Eat Now by Bee Wilson

BBC History Magazine: The Origins of Empire

Literary Review: The Pursuit of Art by Martin Gayford