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July 2024: History Hit – Domina: Women Who Shaped Rome

July 2024: BBC HistoryExtra – The Surprising Lives of Ancient Women

June 2024: All Things History – Women of the Ancient World

June 2024: History Hack – The Missing Thread

June 2024: Times Radio – The Missing Thread, Interview with Alexis Conran

June 2024: Engelsberg Ideas – The Missing Thread, Interview

March 2024: The Spectator Podcast – Classicists on Romance

November 2023: Intelligence Squared with Robin Lane Fox

August 2023: Interviewed by Justin Webb for Axess TV, Sweden

February 2023: Intelligence Squared with Sarah Iles Johnston

November 2022: Monocle Radio

November 2022: The Classics Podcast

November 2022: The Foreign Desk, Monocle

August 2022: Times Radio, ‘On this Day’ segment, the eruption of Vesuvius

June 2022: History Hack 

May 2022: HistoryHit: Homer

April 2022: BBC Radio 4, Open Book

April 2022: Talk Europe (RTE) Radio interview

April 2022: BBC History podcast ‘From student parties to the shadow of war’

March 2022: NowTV: Interview with Andrew Keen

January 2022: RTÉ Radio 1, Arena

October 2021:  BBC History podcast: Was the Trojan War fact or fiction?

August 2021: Cadena Ser (Spanish radio station) interview

May 2021: Jo Durrant’s Beautiful Universe

February 2021: Slightly Foxed Podcast: An Odyssey through the Classics

November 2020: HistoryHit: New Discoveries in Pompeii

November 2020: HistoryHit: Catullus’ Rome

April 2020: The Better Known Show

March 2020: LBC Radio Interview with Nick Ferrari on Titian

February 2020: Daily Mail podcast: Should Homer be Optional at Oxford?

January 2020: National Review ‘Great Books’ podcast 

September 2019: BBC History podcast on the destruction of Pompeii

September 2019: BBC Gloucester interview

September 2019: Spectator podcast

August 2019: Hidden Histories Podcast on Roman London

July 2019: HistoryHit with Dan Snow

May 2019: Travels Through Time Podcast

January 2018: TLS Podcast on the history and future of writing

December 2016: University Challenge Christmas Final, BBC 2

December 2016: University Challenge Christmas Semi-Final, BBC 2

December 2016: University Challenge Christmas Special, BBC 2

October 2016: Interview on Cowes Radio

November 2015: BBC World Service, The Why Factor